Some ways to temporarily reduce your Autoplan Costs

In these trying times you may want to consider a couple of methods to help reduce your Autoplan premiums in the interim. This can be achieved by taking your vehicle off the road and placing a storage policy on it. Alternatively, you can change the Autoplan rate class of your vehicle to pleasure use only. This could save you hundreds of dollars on annual basis.

If you are not using your vehicle you may want to consider putting Autoplan storage on the vehicle. You will have to cancel your current Autoplan policy. Autoplan storage will cost on average $30 per month for comprehensive coverage (fire, theft, vandalism and glass breakage). Or you can place coverage for just fire and theft only for even less per month. Hit and run coverage is an additional charge.

One of the conditions that must be met for an Autoplan storage policy is that the vehicle must be taken off the road. This means it must be parked on private property, in a garage, driveway, or underground parking. If you live in a strata make sure your strata council allows it.

The other way to save some money on your Autoplan Premiums would be to change your rate class from going to/from work or business use to pleasure only. By changing your Autoplan Coverage to pleasure only you will still be able to use your vehicle for personal use. Having your Autoplan rated as pleasure use only also allows you to continue to use your vehicle to go to work of for business use up to six times per month if required.

If either of these options seem like they would benefit you, Autoplan Brokers are now allowed to do these types of Autoplan transactions over the telephone to help maintain everyone’s safety. Give us a call and we will be able to assist you with the changes you require.