The LPI Advantage

At LPI we provide our clients with Choice, Advice and Advocacy. Today’s insurance products are complex and a lot of the coverage details are easy to miss in the small print. We’re here to provide you with the detailed information you need to make better decisions on all of your insurance coverage. Our service doesn’t stop when we’ve helped you choose the right coverage – it starts there! We’ll be there to assist you with any claims you need to make and make sure you receive the full coverage you’ve paid for. Here are some of the services we perform for our clients on a daily basis:

Pre-sale due diligence that includes assessing needs, obtaining quotes.
Explaining terms, conditions and premium changes; this might include comparing the coverage offered by two or more insurers.
Making recommendations on the best coverage in an unbiased manner, and providing decision time and space.
Providing information on how to manage or reduce risks.
Providing administrative follow-up, such as mortgagee changes, certificates of insurance, renewal reminders.
Providing advice and revisions at policy renewal or mid-term if required; this could involve amending policies or adjusting coverage due to sale or acquisition of assets.
Ensuring your claims are fairly handled. We’ve made a positive difference to many of our client’s payouts from their insurers!
Heading off potential claims or coverage problems by being hands-on with our clients and advising them on risk reduction measures they can benefit from.

At LPI we’re always available to answer your questions and make sure your insurance coverage suits your needs, budget and lifestyle. We invite you to join the family of happy LPI clients today and start benefiting from the LPI Advantage. Call us with today any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you! Tel. 604.276.2474.