ICBC Updates

As of May 1, 2021, ICBC initiated “enhanced care” coverage for all British Columbians – replacing all previous coverage limits. This no-fault insurance ensures that all claimants have access to improved benefits, whether the claimant is a driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist, and regardless of whether at-fault for a crash or involved in a single-car collision.

British Columbians hurt in a crash will also have access to significantly enhanced medical care and recovery benefits, regardless of whether they were at-fault. Care and recovery benefits will increase from $300,000 to a maximum of at least $7.5 million — 24 times higher than what’s available today.

Wage loss payments will be 60 per cent higher than today, to a maximum of up to $1,200 per week.

Here’s the good part, with the introduction of enhanced care coverage, customers will also receive a pro-rated refund, on the remaining portion of their existing insurance policy beyond May 1, 2021. To read more about the newly imposed litigation ban and third party liability coverage click on the following links to download or print.

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