Low Kilometer Autoplan Discount With ICBC

If you are planning on driving less than 5,000 kilometers during the year, ask us about Autoplan’s low kilometer discount now being offered by ICBC. The Autoplan discount will be 10% of your Basic, Extension Third Party Liability, and Collision coverages if you drive less than 5,000 kilometers per year.

To qualify for this discount, upon renewal of your Autoplan policy, you will be required to show us the odometer reading in your vehicle. To be valid, you will need to show a picture to the broker (snap a pic with your cell phone) that shows the reading of the odometer within the last seven days, or produce a work receipt from the last seven days from a garage, a mechanic, an auto shop, or an auto dealer, or data from an app that reports vehicle information, or we can view the odometer if it is on site to verify the reading. Once the reading is entered into the system at renewal, you will have to wait until the following year when your new odometer rating is inputted to see if you qualify for the low kilometer Autoplan discount. This discount applies to almost every rate class. Ask us and we can help you figure out if you qualify for this additional low kilometer Autoplan discount.