ICBC Doc – Extra Equipment

ICBC Autoplan can cover store equipment or parts added to the vehicle in excess of specific limits of coverage provided under your Autoplan policy.

For equipment to be covered under an ICBC Autoplan policy it must be permanently attached to the vehicle, or shuttle-mounted and communication equipment. Types of equipment excluded are hot tubs, track conversion systems, equipment, features, or modifications that would not be approved by MVA Regulations, Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, or Transport Canada, any device intended to circumvent law enforcement, and any equipment that is not permanently attached or is designed to be removable from the vehicle for operation in another location.

The vehicle must also be eligible for the ICBC Autoplan policy to cover the equipment. It must be a private passenger vehicle, or a commercial vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of under 5,000 kg. Vehicles that are excluded from this Autoplan coverage are: rate group 98 vehicles, declared value vehicles, motor homes, and vehicles with the Vehicle Identification code (VIC)REP-R, COM-V, MOD-V, VNT-G, and TEM-P.

There are limits to the coverages for ICBC Autoplan polices with extra equipment. There is a $1,000 limit for sound and communication equipment that is permanently attached or attached by shuttle mount, and a $5,000 limit for other permanently attached equipment.If you have equipment in either of these categories with a value that exceeds the specified limit, you should consider Extra Equipment coverage. Premiums for this are based on the amount in excess of respective limit.