ICBC Autoplan Unlisted Driver Protection

ICBC Autoplan Unlisted Driver Protection is a coverage that is available to the registered owner or the lessee of a vehicle. Unlisted Driver Protection helps protect against the Unlisted Driver Accident Premium which is assessed when an unlisted driver has a chargeable at-fault crash. Autoplan Unlisted Driver Protection is a free coverage until it has to be claimed; after an at-fault accident for an unlisted driver the registered owner or lessee can choose to pay for the Unlisted Driver Protection.

After the first at-fault crash for an unlisted driver the Autoplan Unlisted Driver Protection will cost $50, for a second at-fault crash the Autoplan Unlisted Driver Protection will be $250, a third at-fault crash will be $500,a fourth at-fault crash would make it $1000, and five or more at-fault crashes would make the coverage cost $1500.
There are restrictionsas to who is covered with the Autoplan Unlisted Driver Protection. This Autoplan coverage doesn’t apply to household members or employees of the registered owner, lessee, or principal driver of the vehicle. People without a driver license are also excluded, as well as people who drove any of the registered owners or lessee vehicle more than 12 days in the 12 months prior to the crash.In addition there is an exclusion for people who have had an at-fault crash in any of the owners or lessee vehicles over the last five years.

At this time you should say yes to this coverage as there is no charge and will protect you in the event you have lent your auto to someone outside of your home or office. If someone is a regular user of your vehicle (more than once a month on average) they should be listed on your Autoplan policy. In addition anyone who was listed as a secondary driver and drove your auto more than 12 times in the previous year should be listed for mone more year or not borropw your car