Autoplan Renewals

Stay Safe Renew Your Autoplan Over the Phone!

Stay safe and renew your ICBC Autoplan over the phone! As the province and country try to stop the spread of COVID-19 and implement social distancing, ICBC has amended their rules for Autoplan for the time being. We, as Autoplan brokers are now allowed to do some of the regular ICBC transactions over the phone. Call Us at Tel.604.276.2474 to Renew your Autoplan.

Fees being Waived By ICBC

ICBC has recognized that Covid-19 has placed a strain on many Autoplan customers’ finances. In a bid to help out where they can ICBC has announced that the $30 cancellation fee is being waived by ICBC for clients that cancel their insurance after April 23, 2020. In addition ICBC is waiving the plate fee of $18 when Autoplan clients go to re-insure their vehicle up to 60 days after the British Columbia state of emergency has been lifted. For now those clients that cancel their plates between April 16 and May 31st will receive an $18 refund cheque for their plate fee if they re-insure their car after May 31st. Autoplan clients who request a new plate prior to May 31st will still be required to pay the $18 fee.

With these two fees being waived for Autoplan clients it is much easier for them to cancel their vehicle insurance and save money during this pandemic. However, one of the drawbacks with cancelling your insurance is that Autoplan clients will no longer be eligible for the low kilometer discount (>5,000km); they will have to obtain a new odometer reading and start the discount process over again. This would cost you 10% of the basic charge or around $120 per year. So depending on when you cancel you insurance it may not be any kind of saving in the long run. ICBC is providing relief for Autoplan fleet clients as well. Fleet clients can save significant premiums while having the ability to not have to surrender all of their plates on their fleet by just changing their rate class to 919. The coverage is suspended and the vehicles must be parked. Storage policies must be purchased if you have concerns about theft or vandalism. In addition, ICBC has announced that customers on a monthly Autoplan payment plan who are facing financial challenges due to COVID-19, can defer payments of their monthly premiums for 90 days with no penalty. Customers can apply for a deferral online directly though this link:

Or you can call the ICBC Customer Support Team at 604-661-2723 or 1-800-665-6442 to discuss your payment options. Please be advised that if you choose this option, ICBC will collect all 3 months of payments together at the end of the deferral period.

Autoplan Renewals

ICBC is allowing Autoplan brokers to obtain signatures via email (if you are able to print, scan the signed documents and email them back to us). Easier still LeGear Pelling has an online signature program that will allow you to sign electronically with your mouse. You can also come by our office to sign the documents. Decals will be mailed out in the regular mail or can be picked up at our office. The police have been told not to ticket anyone not displaying a valid decal. Other types of Autoplan policies we are allowed to process over the telephone are: temporary permits, policy changes, cancellations, and storage policies. ICBC is not permitting Autoplan brokers to do transfers, new plates, or registrations of out of province vehicles over the phone at this time. These transactions still require in person attendance at our office.