Autoplan ICBC Insurance Rating Model: Drivers

The Autoplan ICBC Insurance Rating Model (IRM), the new way for calculating premiums for ICBC insurance polices, has been in effect since September 1st, 2019. The IRM calculates the premium associated with a policy based on the vehicle a customer is driving and the persons driving that vehicle.

This is a change from the old Autoplan ICBC system where the discount for the drivers were reliant on who the principal operator was. Now every driver will have to be named on the vehicle, and the total premium will be potentially affected by who is driving the vehicle.Each driver’s experience and crash history are now the significant consideration when determining premiums as crashes are now linked to the driver, not the vehicle.

When renewing or buying new Autoplan ICBC insurance, it is important to name every driver that is going to be using the vehicle. Everyone living in the household who is going to be driving the vehicle at least 1 time will have to be named on the policy. The only exception to this rule is if they have to drive in an emergency situation.

Employees on a company vehicle or the vehicle of their employer are considered to be household members and would have to be named. Those drivers that live outside the household who be driving more than 11 times during the year will have to be named. (we touched on this a previous article on how the Autoplan Unlisted Driver Protection can help protect unlisted drivers outside the household).
Once all of the drivers on the vehicle are confirmed there will be a combined driver factor created in the system for the vehicle, and the Autoplan policy will be rated by that number.