Autonomous Emergency Braking system

ICBC has started to give discounts to Autoplan customers whosevehicles come equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking. Autonomous Emergency Braking is a vehicular collision avoidance system that is featured in many new vehicles; it is designed to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision. It integrates data from many different onboard systems such as radar, GPS, laser, and camera to detect an imminent crash and take action without any driver input.
Autoplan customers with vehicles equipped with factory-installed autonomous emergency braking (AEB) are eligible for a 10% discount as AEB has been statistically shown to help prevent crashes.
For an Autoplan customer to apply for the Autonomous Emergency Braking discount they must have a vehicle model year of 2006 or newer and have a braking system that can apply a vehicle’s brakes independent of any action or inaction by the driver when a collision with the front end of the vehicle is imminent. The AEB had to of been installed in a vehicle by the vehicle’s manufacturer at the time the vehicle was manufactured. There are also several rate classes that are excluded, but most of them only apply to commercial vehicles.
If you are not sure that your vehicle qualifies for this discount through Autoplan, it is best to check in your car manual. The Autoplan autonomous emergency braking declaration is a breach able offense, and it is the customer’sresponsibility for determining whether their vehicle has a qualifying autonomous emergency braking system.If you know you have AEBinstalled in your vehicle, you can come in or call us at any time to apply for the additional Autoplan discount.