Autolan Richmond BC Driver’s License Update

Coming this week ICBC Autoplan Richmond will be updating security features on new BC driver’s licenses, BC ID, & services cards. These additional features are intended to better protect you from methods of identity theft and fraud.

The card will look fairly similar to older versions, adding micro text to the front describing persons details, a bird, whale, or bear on the rear(depending on card issued), unique identifiers and your signature.
You can find the new look at

Remember that when updating your address you will need to update your Provincial information as well in addition to your Autoplan documents. This can be done at your Autoplan brokers office as well.

You can easily update online at and a sticker will come to you in the mail within 2 weeks.

The other option is to call our office where one of our capable staff can help amend your address on your Autoplan documents (and your home insurance) and review your policy for any savings when you stop by to sign.