LPI Insurers

At LPI we deal with a wide variety of insurance companies on behalf of our clients. If you’re insured by a company that does not appear on the list of insurers below, call our office for their contact information: Tel. 604.276.2474. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Here’s a list of the main insurance providers we deal with along with their Claims Department contact information for your convenience:
All Sport Insurance Marketing Ltd.    Claims: Tel. 604.737.3018
Aviva Insurance Company of Canada   Claims: Tel. 1.866.692.8482
Beacon Underwriting Ltd.   Claims: Tel. 1.250.832.1008  After Hours Claims: 1.855.535.0554
Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company of Canada
    Commercial Lines  Daniel Chan: Tel. 416.216.7227    Specialty Lines  Jose Landrove: Tel. 416.216.8414
Can-Sure Underwriting Ltd.   Tel. 1.855.535.0554
Canadian Northern Shield   Tel. 1.888.267.6766
Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
   24 Hours Claims Service: Tel. 1.800.532.4822   Windshield Claims: 1.866.682.4822
Chutter Underwriting Services    Tel. 604.984.0285
DAS Canada   Tel. 1.888.582.5586
Ecclesiastical Insurance Office PLC   Tel. 1.888.693.2253
The Economical Insurance Group   Auto Claims: Tel. 1.800.607.2424   Property Claims: 1.800.607.2424   After Hours Service: 1.800.607.2424
Economical Mutual Insurance Company   Tel. 1.607.2424
Elite Insurance Company   Tel. 1.866.692.8482
Elliott Special Risks LP   Tel. 1.800.223.8858   Emergency Property Losses: Tel. 1.888.224.5677   Emergency Environmental Spills: 1.866.530.4086
ENCON Group Inc.    Tel. 1.800.267.6684
Equine Insurance Underwriters Ltd.   Tel. 604.293.1531
The Grain Insurance and Guarantee Company   Tel. 1.800.665.3351
Intact Insurance Company of Canada   Tel. 1.877.341. 1464
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia   Tel. 604.520.8222   Outside of BC in Canada and USA: 1.800.910.4222
N. G. Williams & Associates Ltd.   Tel. 604.683.9351
Oceanic Underwriters Ltd.   Tel. 604.688.5651
Optimum West Insurance Company   Tel. 1.877.806.8023
Pacific Marine Underwriting Mgrs Ltd.   Tel. 1.866.694.3111
PAL Insurance Brokers   Tel. 1.800.661.1608
Premier Marine Insurance   Tel. 604.669.9662   After Hours Claims: Tel. 1.800.235.8784
South Western Insurance Group Limited   Tel. 1.866.794.5463
Travel Underwriters   Tel. 1.800.663.0399
Western Underwriting Managers Ltd.
   Tel. 604.606.1200