Earthquake Preparedness

Experts agree – there is no question whether or not the lower mainland will have a major earthquake – the only question is.. when? The links and video below will help you and your family prepare for this event. We are being told that in light of recent seizmic events that earthquake capacity of insurance companies may be reaching a saturation point. Rates and possibly deductibles may well rise and in higher earthquake zones we may see a restriction on access to coverage by some companies. Fortunately, we still have a few insurers who are willing to let you lock in your rates and deductibles for a 2-year period to avoid imminent increases. If you would like a quote on earthquake insurance for your home or business, please give us a call @ 604.276.0484.  We’ll make sure you get the coverage that’s best for you!
The Great British Columbia ShakeOut

City of Vancouver Earthquake Prep Resources

UBC Experts warn Metro Vancouver not prepared for earthquake
(The Georgia Straight)

Earthquakes Canada Home Page

Richmond and the Earthquake (City of Richmond)

Provincial Emergency Program
If you live in a strata building do you know if your policy will cover your share of the earthquake strata deductible in the event your condominium / townhouse / duplex is damaged? In most instances to have coverage you must be carrying EQ on your contents and may even have to buy additional coverage. Even then the limit for that coverage may not be sufficient to cover your portion of the strata deductible for EQ. Call Us Now with Any Questions you have about protecting your home and/or business with earthquake insurance: 604.276.2474. The following videos will also provide you with helpful information: