LPI Office Hours and Safety Protocols

The Coronavirus (COV`ID-19) is a global issue impacting and affecting our day to day lives.

On an operational level, our employees have initiated the following practices:
· Washing hands with soap and water with higher frequency and for longer duration
· Regularly disinfecting all high-touch and high-traffic areas such as workstations, desks, counters, door handles
· Opting for online and phone meetings where appropriate
· Offering Call In Autoplan Renewal Transactions.

Have you traveled outside of Canada recently? We ask that if you have recently traveled outside of Canada, please refrain from visiting our offices for 14 days and contact us via phone for your insurance needs. This request is made for the safety of our staff and visitors. Our office hours are back to normal: 8:30AM – 5:30PM Monday – Friday and 10AM – 4PM on Saturdays.