B.C. woman calls for aboveground pool regulations

A Greater Victoria woman, whose home was badly damaged when a neighbour’s above-ground pool collapsed last year, is calling for the industry to be regulated.

“We just heard it. It was like a whoosh,” recalled Caron Somers who watched as 50,000 thousand litres of water from her neighbour’s swimming pool poured into the basement of her Saanich, B.C., home.

“Apparently the land is just ever so slightly tilted, so the pool split there, opened wide and just made a perfect river and just went straight through and went right to our back door,” she said.

“It was just gushing in and it was like a surf movie and it just filled the downstairs.”

Caron Somers’s basement was flooded when this above-ground pool in her neighbour’s backyard collapsed. (CBC)

The restoration, which she estimates cost about $50,000, took several months to complete.

“They had to entirely gut the downstairs and put everything we own into a trailer in the driveway for a couple of months,” she said.

The repairs were covered by her home insurance, but Somers wants to see regulations put in place. Neither Vancouver nor Victoria have permit or inspection requirements for above-ground backyard pools.

“The container company that put the container in our driveway said that there was 11 pools that had collapsed last year,” she said.

Somers said she’s especially anxious to see regulations put in place since her neighbours have installed another above-ground pool this year.

Somers is anxiously watching the new above-ground pool her neighbours put in this year. (CBC)

Nothing against the people next door, I’m sure they’re lovely people, but the matter is, they’ve got another pool now and what’s to prevent the same thing from happening?” she said.

“[There are] no bylaws. We wrote the mayor and he’s like, ‘Yeah it’s very unfortunate, but it’s the luck of the draw.'”

Somers said now that her neighbours have a new pool, her family has a new ritual.

“Every day we get up and look at the pool and say, ‘Oh the water’s still in there. OK, good.'”

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