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Successful wealth management requires preservation of capital, growth potential, and ideally, income to compensate you for the time value of your money. Stock and bond markets have become almost impossible for individuals to navigate successfully thanks to low interest rates and volatile market conditions. Canada’s leading insurance companies are among the best money managers in the world, charged with preserving the capital in their own portfolios as well as the billions of dollars under their management for corporate and public pension funds. Now you too can benefit from their first in class investment expertise in a new class of investments known as GIFs.

Guaranteed Investment Funds are essentially mutual funds sold by life insurance companies. GIFs are designed to provide you with the growth potential that only the market can provide along with a guarantee of 75% – 100% of your principal no matter what happens to the underlying investment portfolio. LPI’s Wealth Management team has teamed up with the leading insurance companies in Canada to provide you, your family and your business with access to this new class of investments which enable you to preserve your capital and create new wealth with income and growth potential. In addition to providing you with direct access to the investment opportunities that best suit your needs, LPI’s qualified advisors have solutions for your Retirement Planning and Estate Planning needs as well. Here are just a few of the features of these products:

Guaranteed Monthly Income for your Retirement
Guaranteed High Interest for your Personal or Business Savings Accounts
Guaranteed Investments with Upside Growth Potential for your RRSP, RESP, TFSA
Superior Mortgage Insurance to Protect your Family’s Home
Creditor Protection, the ability to Bypass Probate Fees and Guaranteed Death Benefits
Business Owner’s Key Man Insurance and Buy/Sell Agreements
Term & Universal Life Insurance, Disability and Critical Illness

At LPI our advisors will take the time to understand your investment goals and help you understand which insurance products best suit your needs. Book your free, no obligation consultation today and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your capital is well invested.

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For more information on a few of our new offerings feel free to download these investment brochures:

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