Update on Cyberattacks on Company Websites

Cyber Attack

77 per cent of firms unprepared for cyber attack.

Most organizations are unprepared to cope with a cyber attack despite rising risk. The Global Threat Intelligence Report from NTT Com Security shows that just 23 per cent of respondents have the capability to respond effectively to critical security incidents.

“Prevention and planning for cyber security incidents seems to be stagnating,” says Garry Sidaway, VP Security Strategy & Alliances, NTT Com Security. “This is a real concern and could be down to a number of reasons, not least the possibility of security fatigue – too many high profile security breaches, information overload and conflicting advice – combined with the sheer pace of technology change, lack of investment and increased regulation.”

The NTT research analyzed 6.5 billion attacks in 2015 from 24 security operation centers. It found that the retail sector has increased its readiness to deal with attacks replacing financial services as the most prepared.

While cyber insurance is one part of the picture, the report shows that being able to respond swiftly is key to mitigating the impact on the business.