ICBC Autoplan and Claims

ICBC Autoplan and Claims

Since 1974, the Insurance Corporation of British columbis (ICBC) has been the province’s sole provider of Basic Autoplan coverage. Basic insurance provides the minimum amount of insurance coverage you need to legally operate your vehicl providing you with $200,000 Third Party Liability coverage and, in the event of an accident, covers injury-related medical expenses – no matter who is at fault. You can purchase optional coverage for your automobile through ICBC or from several different private carriers. You can increase your Third Party Liability coverage to $5,000,000, and add Collision and Comprehensive protection to suit your needs. To learn more about ICBC Coverage Options click on the following link:  ICBC   

You will find ICBC Claims contact and multilingual service info below.

To learn more about the advantages of Private Auto Insurance click here:  LPI Private Auto

ICBC Dail-a-Claim Services are available 24/7/365:

For Service in Lower Mainland Call: Tel. 604.520.8222

For Service elsewhere in BC, Canada and the U.S. Call Toll Free: 1.800.910.4222

ICBC also provides free translation services in 170 languages. You can be connected to an interpreter when you call Dial-a-Claim at the above numbers. Upon your request ICBC customer service will connect you to an interpreter in a few minutes.

Cantonese and Mandarin speakers can have service in their language 8AM – 8PM 7 Days a Week by Calling: 1.855.813.2121

Punjabi speakers can have service in their language during these same hours 7 Days a Week by Calling: 1.866.906.6163.

Some claims (collision, theft and vandalism) can be reported online on the ICBC website. 

To link to ICBC Dial-a-Claim now click here:  Dial-a-Claim

ICBC filing basic rate application with BCUC

ICBC will today be applying to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) for a 4.9 per cent increase to basic insurance rates, which is lower than last year’s 5.5 per cent increase. If approved, this will mean an average increase of $3.50 per month for personal customers’ basic insurance coverage.

The increase is needed as the result of a number of external pressures, including a rapid increase in the number of crashes, more vehicle and injury claims, compounded by higher repair and injury claims costs.

In previous years, we’ve been able to rely on our strong investment income to help offset rising claims costs – but this is no longer the case, with increasingly challenging investment markets and historically-low interest rates.

We certainly don’t like to have to ask customers to pay more but these external pressures are very real. We’ve worked hard, alongside government, to do everything possible to alleviate these rising external cost pressures and to get this rate increase lower than last year’s.

This includes government-directed transfers of $472 million in optional income and capital. These transfers help make a positive difference to this year’s basic rate application but also help to rebuild our basic capital.

Without this and other work to help mitigate the costs of more crashes and more claims, we would have needed to charge every customer approximately an extra $130 a year, which would have required a rate increase of 15.5 per cent.

The rising number of crashes, injuries and the cost of these claims, is also putting pressure on ICBC’s optional insurance rates.

The average personal insurance customer who purchases optional extended third-party liability coverage – plus collision and/or comprehensive insurance – can expect to pay an additional $5 per month for their full basic and optional coverage.

You can read our new release that was sent to the media today. We’ve also posted information on to explain to customers the pressures and what we are doing to keep rates as low as possible.

We remain committed to providing our customers with the best insurance coverage at the lowest possible price. We will continue to work with government and explore various strategies to help deal with this cost pressure challenge.