Emergency Preparedness App

Aviva Canada and the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction have partnered to create a free app to help with emergency preparedness. It is available for both Android and Apple IOS.
Once a user makes a profile on the app, it can help you make a preparedness plan by location. It will determine the level of vulnerability to Canada’s top 5 most common perils (Flood, wildfire, severe wind, winter storms, and earthquakes). Along with that the app will give you a personalized risk report to the users specific location, alerts and notifications for their location, useful tips that will help the user in the event of a natural disaster, and guide to prepare your 72 hour preparedness kit. The app will be available to users offline, so in the case of an emergency they can access help through the app.
The app is also capable of storing home and auto policies (if you have these policies with Aviva).